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                    Executive Search & Selection                     
                                   Retained Assignment                                    
Competancy Based Interviews
Career Coaching
Assessment Centres
Salary Surveys
•A temporary provision of resources, adding value by utilising skills and expertise often to deliver and complete specific projects.
•Ideal for short term projects to mitigate risk and provide a client with return on investment.
•Parachute skills in to deliver without the long-term liabilities and cost associate with permanent employment.
Retained Search
GSM enters an exclusive agreement for the supply of services to the client.•
With an upfront financial commitment from the client, this allows a complete and exhaustive search of the market via headhunting, networking, database, and advertising, in order to identify the best talent IN the market, not just ON the market.
Typical fee structure of 1/3 of the fee upfront, 1/3 upon presentation of a shortlist, and 1/3 upon engagem  

 Contingency Recruitment
•Non exclusive search services, with the recruitment fee payable on success.
•A strong solution for a limited search turnaround, or for volume oriented recruitment.
•Often competing with both internal and external recruiters aiming for volume of applicants, however this can also be more time consuming for the client company to manage.